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About Us


The ENIGMA company was founded in 1989 as a family business that was engaged in wholesale and sale of clothing throughout the Balkans. With the change of generation, Enigma takes on a completely different form.

ENIGMA DYNASTY sells exclusively women's clothing. In an urban way with a personal touch, we produce and create quality and authentic pieces just for you. The highest quality materials, special cuts and prints, carefully selected colors and models are what our team works hard on every day.


We want every customer to feel our intention to please him. Our goal is for you to wear our wardrobe with pride, and we will continue to look for inspiration in you, your wishes and needs. In order to be as accessible as possible, we will continue to expand the retail network and try to continue to justify your trust with quality.


The brand ENIGMA DYNASTY is produced in Serbia. The team of employees works hard every day to ensure that the highest quality product reaches the end consumer. We have been successful in this for more than 30 years and we work every day to improve all business segments. We believe that the path we have chosen will be recognized and contributed in the right way to the development of the Serbian economy.

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